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Masterweave Textiles Limited for Quality Mohair & Alpaca Products

Masterweave Textiles, New Zealand’s premier Mohair weaver, is renowned for its responsive customer service and consistently high quality Mohair and Alpaca products, including decorative throws, knee wraps and scarves.

Mohair is the long, silky hair of the Angora goat and is one of the most versatile textile fibres. Its characteristics are similar to wool, except that it does not have the scales that can irritate the skin.

Alpacas evolved thousands of years ago developing a fine hair with remarkable softness, fineness, length, warmth, and strength. This dense fibre is a result of their harsh environment and the elevation in which they originated, the Andes Mountains of South America.

Masterweave’s renowned ’Windermere’ range of soft mohair throws are made right here in Wairarapa, New Zealand and enjoyed around the world.

Our products are sold by quality retailers in New Zealand and internationally. Please visit them to purchase individual items, or feel free to contact us with any distribution or other enquiries.


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